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Why is it important to celebrate? Celebrating a party allows you to express the love you feel for your kids and make them feel special. We know how important it is because we are mums and we believe that any reason is a good excuse for a party.  Faboo is designing the parties for kids up to 10 years. Those are precious years that you and specially your kids will remember forever. We have come up with faboolous ways to fill them in with great memories and experiences while taking away all the stress that comes with the organization of a special celebration. 

AFaboo we have identified these key elements that both parents and kids love: 

– The themes must help children to develop their imagination but also engage them with a decoration that makes the experience really special 
– The activities and team games must ensure that everyone is integrated and looked after
– Children like to learn by playing; Our themed parties always seek to teach children new things
– Attitude is everything. If we do not have fun it is impossible to make others have fun. 

The first rule we have at Faboo is to have a lot of FUN and enjoy a lot what we do. We know how to make a celebration memorable for kids. But we also know that today’s busy or newly relocated parents need party planning to be easy. When parents collaborate with Faboo, they can relax and leave everything to us. Most of you are not likely to have the time and the network to organize events of this caliber for your kids, so why not let us do it for you? Look over our party themes and find the one that speaks to your child. 

We offer lot of Party Themes and different Party Packages, but you can also choose from our optional extras to customize the celebration in the way that best suits your needs and budget. If there is something you particularly want that you don’t see here or cannot find, please contact us as we may be able to help. Flexibility is another of our distinctive values.       

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